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About ADOR®

ADOR® products grow in the fields of Monteleone di Spoleto, an agricultural commune in the central Italian region of Alta Valnerina. The Farro of Monteleone di Spoleto is characterised by its rich group B vitamins content, short cooking time, and a neutral flavour far superior than that of regular whole grain cereals.

The Farro of Monteleone di Spoleto is the first and only one to receive a protected designation of origin (DOP) status by the Italian Ministry of Agricultural, Food and Forestry Politics.
(Pursuant to and in accordance with art.10 Reg CE 510/2006)

Our Products

ADOR® Semi-Pearl Farro DOP
ADOR® Broken Farro DOP
ADOR® Farro Flour
ADOR® Puffed Farro
ADOR® Farro Crackers
ADOR® Mountain Lentil
ADOR® Farro Whole Food (pasta varieties)